Logopak at BBC!

Logopak helps keep things moving for Debenhams on "Black Friday"

On "Black Friday" the BBC Breakfast News team visited Logopak customer DHL/Debenhams to see how our print and apply solutions were helping them cope with the increased volume of orders.

BBC presenter Dominic Laurie said  ’I've found such a satisfying machine. I go to factories and warehouses the whole time, but this is so satisfying. You see the parcel, all different brands, all different shapes and sizes, getting sucked into a black machine, and then they come out as parcels the other end.’

The site at Sherburn-in-Elmet covers an area the size of 30 football pitches. Following the launch of their ‘Black Friday’ deals at midnight, Debenhams were receiving five times their normal orders by breakfast time.

The Logopak solution consists of two LSNA’s (Laser Ship Note Applicators) and a 515 print and apply label applicator, integrated with a bagging machine. The bagging machine is supplied by Adpak, who Logopak regularly integrate with on e-commerce solutions. DHL/Debenhams have a similar line at their Peterborough site.

‘Black Friday’ is a concept that originated in the USA, with the first Friday after Thanksgiving being regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season. It has become increasingly popular in the UK since ADSA (part of US owned Wal-Mart Stores) promoted it in 2013.

Video at BBC