Successful advancement of pallet labeller for reusable container

Reusable container on pallets are transport-secured with a safety-cord. For applying the transport labels regarding GS1 standard often an additional PE-sleeve has been used as label carrier.

The advancement of Logopak allow the direct apply of up to 3 labels at the safety-cord. The use of pallet-sleeve machine are no longer required.

Here we use a label material with a particular advantage – it is stick-free. Herewith we avoid that the label stick on the product. Even wet products or outdoor storage have no negative impact on the label or barcode readability.

With this solution the labelling of reusable container are greatly facilitated. For the labelling we use the anyway needed stop to apply the label at the safety-cord.

The labels can be removed from the cord without any damage. A further use of the label is possible for commissioning.

The elastic cord can be removed completely as a ring and reused for the returned empties.